Utah State House of Representatives Dist. # 19 (South Davis County)
Thomas L. Rodgers:
Encouraged to run for State House in the Nov. 2006 Elections by friends, our party chair and other party members; also by fellow Legislators, current and retired, who, as they claim, observed my  fearless fidelity of performance in expert and citizen testimony in legislative committee meetings -- and were impressed by my face to face Legislator interactions, informings, doing diligence and providing discovery in many issues including Family and Individual Rights as I plead for integrity, reason and only Constitutional legislation in all their actions! -- So motivated by these good friends and driven by my love for my own family and yours, my Community, my State, and my Nation of precious individuals, thoughtfully I accepted the Party's and my friends recomendations, so have filed, and am declared as candidate for: 

Utah State House of Representatives seat # 19 (South Davis County). See Constitution Party of Utah:

Western States Mission 1962Qualifications:  Member of human race! A Caring heart! 
In past, struggling student and fellow in Human and Animal Physiology, Biology, Medical and Natural Sciences, LDS Mission (photo at right), then pursued EE (Sperry Rand Corp. Montec-Memcor) and business, Military leadership, ATT (Bell Labs/Western Electric), labored in quality control and taught industrial electronics, then as struggling entrepreneur (private businessman) and "Perpetual Student", as a full and part time Educator, Farmer, Biological researcher and specialist, dedicated husband, father and foster father (now Grandfather and Foster Grandfather).

Accomplishments:   Life of service (Church, Honored Military-twice, Community), broad biological, physical, electrical, mechanical studies, experience and labor, business, corporate and self-employment and all with hard work and independence. (My IQ was in top 1 percentile and is again even restored back to it 15 years after 4 "lethal" Strokes! -- But I never can be quite as smart as my know! -- However  I am a little suspicious of her intelligence, because she did say "yes" to me over 35 years ago, and she has stuck with me this long and somehow still not realized her mistake! -- isn't that dumb? -- or is it because of her compassion for the needy and desperately homely?!!  Which ever it is, I am grateful that she has not caught on to her error, yet!) 

I did survive my "Fatal" Cancer, four strokes, heart disease & human "stupidity"!
However, I did not survive the financial ravages of it all! -- and my wife and family (including our dear foster children) lovingly sacrificed and suffered all my loses and the lasting poverty through it with me! We are all humbled and wiser because of it!

Happily, I was recently graciously Honored By The American Cancer Society's Utah Chapter, by Salt Lake City's Mayor, Rocky Anderson, and our Gorgeous Utah Beauty Queens, at the Utah Chapter's  June 24th, 2005 "Relay For Life" Celebration!
Survivors Award -- Click to see full story and enlarged viewMrs Utah -- A gorgeous and wonderful Mother and young Cancer sufferer -- Click to see full story and enlarged viewBeautiful Miss Utah -- Click to see full story and enlarged viewUtah's Beautiful Miss US Continental Queen -- Click to see full story and enlarged view

Though my "diagnosed as Fatal" Cancer and its associated illness left me ruined and penniless; desperate to survive for my wife, children and foster Children, it forced me back to intelligent choice. I therein reviewed my own long held science and biological education, reason and experience. Finally changing my ways and complying with my own already imbedded knowledge, am not dead -- as I should have been -- nor am I dying! I am now much more clear headed, and do accept my own self-responsibility, and am much wiser for it! -- Nowteach (those who want to hear) and personally lobby for truth!  --and for our Whole Physical, Spiritual and National Constitution!

My Family -- if you want to see more of my humble but wonderful family -- click hereI want a World left worthy of my children, my grandchildren and yours! (click photo and links for more family photos)
And for them to have their rights of sovereignty, self government, individual choice, success and freedom!

I also want a World left worthy of you, your children and my caring friends -- even for my "Famous caring Friends" who are also concerned about it too! Also "more of my Famous teachable students and caring Friends" and oldest and wiser  media and movie Friends! as well as my National and local (of my Faith) "Friends of Truth", and "My students and Friends of film with my youngest son Dan (now serving his Mission in Paraguay) 

I also want a world worthy of my loving, tolerant and supportive wife, Betty! (and for the creatures she also loves, about her). (photo as I returned to her from teaching in warm and comfortable LA) 

Thomas Rodgers
PO Box 304 Bountiful Utah 84011-0304
Telephone 801-298-9095Click to Contributions page

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2006 All Utah State Candidates

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Davis County: Elections, Candidates & Registration
Ph. 451-3589

S.L.County: Find Your Precinct, District, Elected Officials

My currently first most pressing, concerning issue (among many others listed below);

-- but obviously NOT one for our local incumbents and their too many other self-benefiting bureaucrats and their soliciting agencies, including medicine, psychiatry, "State" education, lawyers, judges, the courts and benefiting businesses, 

is True Family Rights, True Children's Rights,  and  True Child "Protection!"
Bought to surface through my full involvement in the Thaxton-Christiansen case, by doing diligence and discovery (and with some contact with Darren and Barbara Jensen in their somewhat similar medical choice case with their son, Parker Jensen), this State's encroachment into the home (medicine, education) and family has been exposed as clearly a serious problem and is now my concern and painful labor to correct! I have since been approached and involved in dozens of Families violations by the State, including many outside Utah -- but exampling our State's problem. We are under the same immoral mercenary opportunistic acts within our State as is happening to a precious (Jewish) family who found me and ask to help in Illinois: See my efforts for them in It is also here and is facilitated in the press through public education Psychological Screening called TeenScreen! See my resource and reference list at
Listen, Learn and Participate on our efforts on

--- Exonerating, restoring and then completely leaving alone the wrongly accused innocent! -- 

While still helping families that truly are troubled, through compassionate community help (preferably family and Church Based) and morally correct Child Protective services, if and where truly needed, while, as best possible by keeping  the family and its bonding intact -- as I did work to do with my LDS Church foster children -- instead of destroying the individual children, the adults and their natural bonding. We can no longer tolerate the profit driven, heartless and cavalier DCFS, Medical, Psychiatric and Pharmaceutical Industry collusion with Utah's Lawyers, Courts and the AG to do their damage like that which was viciously done to the Rodreguez Family (which to this day has never been repaired by so called family Law defense!) -- and as was almost done to the Parker Jensen family (but stopped thanks to Family's unwillingness to consent to the Medical and State's error and ignorance: and supported in your public outcry), but is still being done to the Thaxton-Christiansen family (though - only with the media's help - they have their infant back; but only tenuously and temporary! See their awful atrocity of a Service Plan on and its threat) and hundreds of helpless unheard others, also ruined! 

The State must do true diligence and real discovery itself and also be willing to accept, discuss and make admissions and  judgments based on all findings solely and independently discovered   Second and third evidence and opinion options, Not cloaked within courtroom closure and State prejudiced and protected  prosecution!

The State must give back Honest Medical choice! Second and third opinion options, Not Courtroom and State protected (IHC or PCMC) Doctor's dictatorships!

The State must give back the children, and restore to whole, those innocent families they have wrongly accused, dismembered and ruined!  and the State with all her prosecuting solicitors (Social Services, Medicine, Psychiatry, Education and Family Practice Law) must all stop hiding or lying to justify their breaches of performance, breaches of Law and breaches of our individual and public trust.

This Thaxton-Christiansen Family case, linked in panel below,  is a landmark of bungling and the mark of a "Child and Family Protective System" gone absolutely ignorant, heartless, arrogant, abstinent and dangerously out of control; "not giving a damn" about the truth based good, physical safety and emotional security of child (and/or siblings)! -- and it has chosen to become unable to correct itself! 
This is because the seizure & extraction of children is now a money motivated Federal and State funded, very lucrative, DCFS, with accomplice Medicine, Psychiatry and Family Law (in endless DCFS Dependency and Service Plan processing - instead of true family and child defense), with all of them simply milking the family and society's (our taxes and resources) cash cow!

This Thaxton-Christiansen case also demonstrates an ignorance, hate and prejudice driven, flawed, -- pathetically self protected -- skewed State and industry colluded medicine, psychiatry and law and their inept diagnosis, now is being masked under the perpetual prescriptions of PCMC/Clinic 6 (as court ordered and protected provider only) with forced injections and medications in truth-obliterating alchemy, psychiatry, and in illness-continuing pathogenic "Mad Cow" pediatric nutrition!

The Kauffman Case demonstrates the immoral collusion of duped Public Education now being used by Psychiatry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Child Placement Contractors, GAL's, Lawyers, Judges and the AG to tap Federal and State public coffers and and the violated family for perpetual profit -- with no regard for the family, child or the truth!

Babies Wrongfully Taken From Parents!
Your wisdom, influence & effort is needed!
Now even, Health Conscious, Pareve, Vegetarian / Vegan, Integrative Medicine, Home Educated Children and their Families' Choices & Unity

- are all put at Risk - 
by adversarial family, neighbors or friends, erred Medicine, Child Protective Services, and the States Legal System!
Famous and Honored LDS, Healthy Vegetarian-Lifestyle choosing  Family verses Utah State Child Protective Services, the Medical Establishment, incompetence and the Law.
It's Not enough flesh! - And breathing furnace fumes is OK!
-- per DCFS, AG, PCMC (IHC), Lawyers and the Judges!
Ariela at day of runa-way Click to see Childrens Holocaust USA .orgThe Faces of Pain!!!
Teen Screen "Holocaust"
in Chicago, Illinois, USA! 
This is a loving (Jewish) Mother's fight to save her own flesh and blood, from the molestation, abuse & drugging of her small daughters by 

A State (in the U.S.A.?) Gone Mad with Medical Mind Control of Children!
It was discovered that this child was in emergency with a drug overdose 2 Sept 05!!! Again in Feb 06, Again after another Run-A-Way for 7 hours Mar 20, now strapped in Psych ward.
How could that happen??? Her baby sister Eifrat has been in Psych ER again, 40 days! 
Does Nazi Germany's Dr Mengele still Live? in Illinois DCFS?
Listen to

Other important issues; (more to be indicated here as writing time permits)

* Educational ChoiceSee friendly resource site of ChoiceInEducationPAC .com
* Medical choice. see where courts violate choice, to protect corporate medicine.
* Lost Personal and Property Rights. Property seizures without due process (protecting innocent) must be reversed.
* No Forced Community Fluoridation: See my efforts protect humans, animals and environment from Hydrofluosalicic Acid industrial waste being added to our water: (including KickEmInThe(HydroFluosilicic), Cows, Horses, Pets, Birds, Fish, Plants, etc) 
* Return Justice and Honest Law to Courts. And get Politics out of the Courtroom and the reverse.
* The Constitution: Every point!
Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights is my stand!- Surprise! I've even read it!
* See some of my efforts and my support of other's efforts to defend the Constitution, human reason, individual responsibility and rights in the last two legislative sessions

12 Reasons for serious evaluation for Animals and Agriculture!
Please help us get this Fluoridation issue to the Farmers, Ranchers Horseman and caring Pet Owners of Utah!
NEW! Fluoride Studies Fluoride Toxicity in Livestock  Horses!
Cattle! Poultry! Pigs! Sheep! All Livestock!
Nat'l Academy of Science  - Fluoridation and the Fluoridator's effect upon Livestock!
I have a library of research papers from my past and am trying to make then viewable for you 
Dept of Agri. / Dept of Health Welfare -- More toxicity studies in Animals will be up later today
Interview of Old Farmer, natural animal biologist & Candidate for Utah State House Dist 19, Tom Rodgers, on Fluoridation of Davis County and anywhere!
 Everyday:.Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio  12 - 2 pm
Please Tune in and Listen! - Also Notify all Neighbors and Friends! - Especially our precious Community Farmers, Horse &  Pet  Owners and Home Gardeners - whose investments and survivals are at Risk as they are forced to use any Fluoridated culinary water for their animals and soils!, Santa Monica , Utah, Davis County, Animal Challenges, Soil Organisms, Plants, Pets, Horses, Cattle, Poultry, Birds, Fish, Farmers, Nature, Acid, Drugs, Ducks, Industry, Infants, (my fun poke at under-educated "Pros": Jackasses, Quacks)
My accessibility for you is easy, personally call me, mail (see above) or email me here.
And see me in Public Events: as participant, for debates, lecturer, or special educational guest.

Meet me, the Candidate! (Combined class agenda open for other issues discussion if wished.)
Bountiful Library, Meeting First Tuesday of each month (and every first tuesday of each month that I am at home.)
7pm - 8:30pm, 750 So Main, Bountiful
Basement Meeting room area.     I will be in the room before 630 pm so you can visit early if you like!
Or call 298-9095 -- I will make effort to meet you or your group of friends personally!
As is humanly possible, I will be at most local Community, Political and Party Events,
 - including many other additional unique community gatherings for any other purposes. 

Two year ago, the Deseret News took this Photo at right, and published Thursday March 18 2004, in their Morning Edition. It was taken moments before 5pm, March 17 at the Utah State Capitol Election's Office as I, (Tom Rodgers, standing center) helped my friend, Joshua Bennett (sitting, and signing) to also sign up late in the final day just in the last minutes before the filing deadline for the 2004 election. I likewise convinced him to run again this year as Constitutional Candidate for Utah State Senate District 21,

Bringing government back to us, as "we the people", and restoring it to be within the correct bounds laid out in the inspired efforts of our founding fathers, in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is my goal, and the goal of my friends and this party

Our concerns and efforts are focused in the labor to restore then protect simple "righteous" government, through men and women of integrity, charity and unselfish sacrifice, to guarantee sovereignty, liberty, opportunities for success, happiness, health, and the social and political well-being of our children, grandchildren and beyond!

Please make any modest campaign donations to: Tom Rodgers for Senator, PO Box 304, Bountiful Utah, 84011-0304

Davis County Constitution Party Caucus Meetings
Caucuses list as per Jorgina H. (given to Tom R Sun Eve 19 Mar 06)
(I added some drive-to instructions for named or "broken" streets. T R)
All Syracuse Precincts
Bloomquists  773-9514
1953 W 2100S S Syracuse

All West Point Precincts WP 1-6
Vanderplas 779-2305
165 North 3000 West West Point

Precincts FH 1-4, KA 2, 7, 9
McBrides  589-7009
1062 E Homestead Ln (150 N), Fruit Heights

Precincts KA 5, 10, 11,12, 13, 17, 18, 19
McClures 544-5952
Kaysville Library, 44N Main, Kaysville

Precincts All Layton
Fluckigers 544-4056
1799 N Hwy 89 Layton

Precincts KA 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 14-16
Hansen 544-2744
380 E Oak Lane (350 N) Kaysville

Precincts BO 1-15
Whites 292-7760
84 N 1050 E Bountiful

Precincts BO 16-25
Faber 292-3370
1030 E Woodmoor Dr (800 S) Bountiful
(Enter Woodmoor [eastward] from Davis Blvd)

Precincts BO 27-36
Hancocks 298-0430
168 E 2450 S Bountiful
(enter 150 E from 2200 S , then turn east on 2450)

Precincts NSL 1-9, BO 37-40
Moutries 298-0700
599 E Eastpointe Cir. North Salt Lake
(Enter 3100 S from Hwy 89, then turn north
on Eastpoint Dr [750 W] to Eastpoint Cir [2970 S])

Other areas of Davis County not listed
are invited to closest Caucus listed. Calendar - to Caucus Mtgs for whole State

Listen to 2004 Constitutional Party Convention, Valley Forge, that was held June 23-27, 2004 audio stream:
 Meet Candidates (Public Meetings)  . Meet Me  . My Issues  .  Constitution Party Utah  .  Constitution Party (National)
Interview of Old Farmer, natural animal biologist & Candidate for Utah State House Dist 19, Tom Rodgers, on Fluoridation of Davis County and anywhere!
 Everyday:.Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio  12 - 2 pm
Please Tune in and Listen! - Also Notify all Neighbors and Friends! - Especially our precious Community Farmers, Horse &  Pet  Owners and Home Gardeners - whose investments and survivals are at Risk as they are forced to use any Fluoridated culinary water for their animals and soils!, Santa Monica , Utah, Davis County, Animal Challenges, Soil Organisms, Plants, Pets, Horses, Cattle, Poultry, Birds, Fish, Farmers, Nature, Acid, Drugs, Ducks, Industry, Infants, (my fun poke at under-educated "Pros": Jackasses, Quacks)

Personal difficulty experienced !!! Please help if you can!
Sat Mar 19 2005 at the Salt Lake Public Library (4th South 2nd East) at approx. 1pm on the 3rd floor from computer position #15 I had the theft of my:

Small black valise (black vinyl carrying case with handles - open top accordion type with soft zipper closer) containing;
>> Most critical to my financial loss and identity theft: an old maroon check book size  wallet with my: 
Wells Fargo Bank check card #4919-9279-7901-1802 & checks numbers 1891-1921, acct # 1660002781 for:
LifeSave International -Thomas Lynn Rodgers, POBox 304 Bountiful Utah, ph 298-9095 etc. 
my Uah Drivers License #95xx120, other important personal cards, photos and papers.
Also in the carrying case was: 
White vinyl three ring binder with the photos and papers. 
A small ring bound note book with daily notes related, providing proofs of this families innocence
A blue/green Photo folder with about 20 photos of my film friends with my son and others with me.
Several University and Gov'nt research papers on fluoride poisoning with animals
Two check card purchases ($8.10 & $12.44) did occur quickly after the theft (approx. 1pm Sat 19 Mar) at the Seven-Eleven Store 4th S 3rd E across from library. He/She who took them may try to pass my LifeSave International / Thomas Lynn Rodgers, checks and use my drivers license as ID as well. Please carefully observe, photo ID, (call police and/or me) if you know anything.

My hope is that my black valise with my photos, the binder with family exonerating medical and legal papers, little note book, my animal fluoride research papers, and other personal papers were left in the library or somewhere close by as the person taking it probably would have dumped . 
If you find any of these items please call me (801)-298-9095, (you can remain anonymous using a pubic phone or drop a note at library desk if you choose. I have very little but I could leave at least $20 somewhere for your kindness.) 

The innocence of an accused family and the peace of their little children and my own 20 mouths of sacrifice for them are affected therein! I am not wealthy -- just kind hearted -- and very poor because of it. 
Please, you can anonymously leave any located items at SL library Lost-and-Found, then contact me (or SL Police 779-3000 if you prefer). Thank You. Thomas L Rodgers (801)-298-9095 Visitors since counter reset 67 from10/16/04 to 10/31/04  -- 247 on Feb 18 05