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 Robert Bootzin, Hollywood's "Gypsy Boots"

The truely Beautiful Boss of Health is keeping "Gypsy" and me healthy in LA!

Learning shtick and enjoying great food with Robert Bootzin "Gypsy Boots" at The Vegan Express is Hollywood's best production!  Everyone is a winner at this gathering of the Stars.

     Daniel and I were invited by "Gypsy" to his 90th birthday party at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.
    We were able to observe the benefits of Vegetarian life choices for some of Gypsy's wiser theater friends, and the unfortunate damage that America's normal to opulent living had done to too many of his other once beautiful but less wise acting associates.
    Gypsy has tried to help his friends, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Jack Benny, and his fellow actors, but too often they thought his diet ideas foolish or did not care. But time has proven the wisdom of this conscientious and  wise "Clown Prince of Health".
    After the party at the Paramount Studios we met at The Vegan Express just off the 101 Hollywood Freeway where Dan and I, as usual, had the greatest vegan-burger anyone could ever find.  And we visited more and reveled in life with one still vigorous and fun gentleman of theater at 90!

My son Dan and "Gypsy" with his book "The Gypsy in me"

Robert Bootzin, football, and friend, Micheal Douglas, winning in the healthy game of life!
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