-- Dan's Friends
 Theatrical friends of my son. Friends of mine. Friends concerned for all Life.

These are people busy in their own lives and careers, making not only the unpopular and inconvenient truly vegetarian choices for the good of their own health and beauty -- but are also boldly speaking out, risking opportunity, money and popularity by defending the innocent and powerless creatures of the animal kingdom, along with humanity.

I am grateful for their courage and dedication, and for their friendships with my son and me.

In this world you could not wish for a more awesome friend than Steven Seagal.  I am happy that Steven so kindly honored my son among his friends at Paramount Studios. Steven gave Daniel the courage to mingle, visit and catch some photos of the hundreds of gathered like thinking friends as we were invited by Paul McCartney and his friends to honor Linda and each other in our common love for humanity and the creatures that Linda wanted all man to reverence and protect before she passed away!.
Star Trek's Marina Sirtis is, as I told her, one of "the prettiest and kindest women in the universe!" She was so gracious after visiting and discussing with me the challenge of changing society for better and our needed efforts in educating people in our shared better understandings; then to pose with my son Daniel when he found us sitting after he had been with Steven Seagal and other of Paul McCartney's friends. 

She is truly as sensitive, charitable and compassionate as she is portrayed in her role as the kindly Counselor Dr. Diana Troy of the Star Ship Enterprise!

Kevin Nealon and Daniel "want you" to be healthier, happier, kinder to yourselves and each other --  as a consequence of being kinder to the creatures! That is the "news" that Kevin would like to give the world "Live" every "Saturday Night!" 

Kevin Nealon is another gracious actor spending time, energy, and his own resources outside the always restrictive and binding demands of his labor contracts, so he can help defend the innocent and help our human society live healthier and happier.

Now here is a team to be reckoned with: My son Dan and Andy Dick of "News Radio"  Here is their law! -- Don't bring disease, harm or damage to your own body -- by not hurting, killing and consuming any other animals body. 

Andy is a wonderful comedian and left us all with sore sides in his horse play fun and very creative shtick, but he is deadly serious in his concern for humanity and in the mindless, inhumane and heinous relationship man has created with the animals and himself -- and for his children!

Here is a mother, lovingly convinced by her daughter to change her life.  Jamie Lee Curtis (and her own mother Janet Leigh) have been blessed by the persistence and wisdom of her daughter Annie (embraced at her side here as Daniel caught them with his camera at our Paul McCartney Paramount Studios gathering). Jamie Lee publicly thanks her daughter for her "loving mom and grandma" enough to 
persist in teaching them both until they saw the intelligence in being fully vegetarian (vegan) and being kind to all Gods creatures and themselves.

Nearly a Year later, back with me again in Hollywood...

...My son Dan is in safe hands!

Is she the "Wonder Women?"- No, but a kind and very pretty double!

But as a Wonderful Women? 
There is no dispute! - She is!

Among the defenseless of earth -
their vote is, a resounding, Yes!

You would have to reach to heavens greatest heights of caring and charity to be above this towering gentle beauty in her concern about our youth, the beasts, the human family and our earth!

So you need to know that when it comes to defending the truth,
the innocent, 
and all life:
- This beautiful lady is NOT acting!

Dan, "Gypsy"& book: "The Gypsy in me"
Daniel and I had been invited by "Gypsy Bootz" to his 90th birthday party at Paramount Studios in Hollywood...
    We were able to observe the benefits of Vegetarian life choices for some of Gypsy's wiser theater friends, and the unfortunate damage that America's Normal or Opulent living had done to too many of his other once beautiful, but less wise acting associates.
    Gypsy had tried to help his friends, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Bing Crosby; but too often they thought his diet ideas foolish or they did not care. But time has proven the wisdom of this conscientious and much wiser "Clown Prince of Health".

    After the party at the Paramount Studios we met again at The Vegan Express just off the 101 Hollywood Freeway where Dan and I, as usual, had the greatest vegan-burger anyone could ever find. So we visited more with "Gypsy" and reveled in life with one still very alive, vigorous and fun gentleman of theater at age 90!

The beautiful young woman, in this photo dedicated by herself to my son Daniel, is the picture of any young man's dream.  But Alicia Silverstone is more than beauty, she is a young lady of true and caring substance!
Boldly speaking out, she has put herself on the line, risking career and losing lucrative opportunities as she stands for kindness to all creatures and against the industries of their misery and death; and for putting the health of our children and people above profit, greed and appetite. You cannot help but love the tender spirit that moves this caring young lady. 

We are grateful for her valiant voice and courageous support in our common efforts to provide a peaceful, healthy world -- for my son Dan and all children,

and for all creatures and all creation! -- through better educated, informed, kinder mankind!

Three Years later my son Dan as a fine young man, studying natural and sports medicine as a High School Senior in a College/University/Tech cooperative program. Savvy about nourishment and becoming even more knowledgable about caring for his body's physical and mental abilities; which, in great health, he already enjoys in his snowboarding, swimming, rock diving, break dancing and creative service, communication, arts studies and work -- as his above friends have exampled and encouraged!
Daniel "Dan" Rodgers 
August 2002

Dan is now honored with an LDS Mission call to Asuncion, Paraguay 
Nov 3 2004 --
Now if you can stand to see more of  Dan's homely old father (me) with more great and gorgeous people of fame, as we all labor together trying to benefit  humanity, the creatures, and our precious planet;  then click here:  With more friends.
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