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In my travel and teaching associations I am honored in sharing moments, podiums  and common concerns with heavens best spirits! What an honor for me to be found with these giants of wisdom in issues of importance to our happiness, faith, progression and freedom!
    Dear Reed Benson is a source of inspiration for me in personal knowledge and educational integrity, the importance of maintaining honorable government and our responsibilities to act within it, and is a testimony strengthening brother of my Faith.
    Reed quickly became a comforting friend as I struggled to find ways to get my learning in the stewardship of the physical part of mans frame to my friends of my faith at our University! He always has bolstered me with greater courage and forging persistence when others have rejected, belittled or reviled that which we both know as healing and life blessing truth.
    With the advantage of being raised by a Agriculture and very Government and Constitutional active father, President and Prophet, Reed has built on that savvy and lovingly adds to it in his perfect package of faith for those thousands of BYU students who are able to have his guidance as a professor and friend!
    What an honor it is for me to be found on the same speaking rosters with this giant of faith and kindest wisdom -- and for him to trust in my experience and knowledge in return! That gives me enduring courage in the face of the worlds brute rejection of hard to accept truth!
    Cleon Skousen has always been an important key to opening hidden treasures of knowledge in formulating righteous government. His experience and life path in Law and Government coupled with his profound Faith has been the foundation from which he has labored, written and taught.

    I have always looked to this wonderful Constitutional Scholar and specialist in righteous government since my youth. What a great honor to be at his side in joyous celebration of his 89 years of life and sharing of profound wisdom.
    Cleon has just completed another life long labor in his writing of "The Majesty Of Gods Law" and added it to his prolific library of efforts that have tempered honest men in government and society and blessed so many.
    My humble desire and drive in the sharing of my experience and knowledge is to keep these giants of wisdom, like Cleon, healthy and productive for as long as the Heavens will permit!
    "We the People of the United States of America" need to benefit from his wisdom in returning to righteous government -- and to righteous personal government -- as our Nation's foolishly interpreted, ignored or assaulted Constitution and our freedoms are so precariously, now, hanging by a thread!
    The strength of our National Constitution and the nation's righteousness begins with the strength and righteousness of our own! Cleon and I both know that and plea that with you!
    Dr Ann Blake Tracy (left) and Barbara Mullarkey (center) are two sisters of valiance that I am proud to be found standing (at Deer Valley) in their company!

    Ann Blake Tracy, Phd. Nuero-Chemistry, is our own local Angel of Compassion for those suffering with neurological ills, as she guides them out of the chemical damage consequent to SRI prescription abuses in Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa etc.
    Testifying of the Gospels healing power by including our fuller understanding of our Faith's "Word of Wisdom" and the pattern of Lord's forgiving love, her experience and understanding saves lives, families and individual's sanity. She is the thoroughly researched and depended-upon expert witness in the now endless cases of suicides and homicides with contributing SRI abuse factors, and is author of the best work on nuero-interruptive medication problems in her powerfully insightful and helping book: "Prozac, Panacea or Pandora!"
    Often Ann and I have traveled across the nation to receive honors and together do tandem lectures to complete the nuero-abuse picture extending beyound her work in the SRI abuses into my work in the nutritionally psyco-deleterious choices of our modern unnatural foods industries and chemically saturated and dependent society!

    Wonderful Barbara Mullarkey, Investigative Reporter and Author, (center) is our heroin of the Chicago, Illinois Press who exposed the crime against America's public in the livestock pharmaceuticals/chemicals industries' cover-ups on the contraindications (side effects) of the unnatural milk production and growth stimulant steroid synthesis in the Bovine Growth Hormones, Aspartame and more.
    Her courageous true life story (except for Hollywoods license of  "added-in-for-better-sales" seduction scenes!) is the basis of the film "I Love Trouble" with Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte.
    Barbara has graciously come to Utah on several of my requests to lecture for me in programs at Weber State University and BYU!  Her contribution in reporting truth and her integrity in the press is unique and altogether too rare!  What an unselflessly beautiful loving sister of humanity!  Her prolific labors to bless all with truth include "Bittersweet Aspartame, A Diet Delusion" hundreds of articles and treatises on Vaccines, Fluoridation, dangers in drugs and much more!

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