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  Here is more of a crusty old "Vegetarian Cowboy Scientist" with the kindest of friends!

This labor is so much more
rewarding with great friends   Beautiful Alicia Silverstone Activist, great Actress
Earl Updike, caring author of The Mormon Diet

Actress Gretchen Wyler at her Genises Awards

I have the most gorgeous body guards the world could offer! With this gentle and compassionate "Worrier Princes" we and others of tender heart are laboring to defend all living!
It is so comforting to have friends who feel the same about preserving and blessing humanity, through protecting ourselves and the animals, and our children's one and only earth.  It is epsecially gratifing to find those who can help touch the hearts of thousands  in a single word, page or moment
Jay & Linda Kordich, Mr & Mrs Juiceman & me What a pretty lady with two well seasoned sailors Ralph Nader, advocate, humanitarian, helping friend Nobody walks prouder or is safer than I am when in the streets of Hollywood, California with this beautiful "Wonder Woman" - She is a friend to all life! - including yours!.

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