Thomas L. Rodgers Family  --
Daniel D. Rodgers - LDS Mission Call:
Paraguay, Asuncion Nov 3 2004 -
Dan (lower center) at 7 yrs old with our family in 1993 
Daniel came as a sweet surprise to us eight years after our, what we presumed as our last child Ruthy, as Betty was already 45 years. His birth was a welcome miracle indeed!
In the beginning was Dan, our youngest son...
Dan was worried that our old family van would not get his to the Mission Training Center on time! -- He learned as we arrived safely and on time that the Lord was serious about supporting him in this call as He blessed an old vehicle and its performance to deliver this young man to his divinely intended destination!
..At peace, having arrived in safety, Dan, now like Moses and all his other hero prophets, is ready to begin his spiritual and emotional climb on the Lord's glorious Mountain (as his mission in the mountains and high valleys of Paraguay will be) to receive light and knowledge beginning at the foot of this glorious Utah mountain!..New Missionaries Enter Here! -- The young men and women who pass through these door are transformed forever -- Daniel is the precious son and young man given to us, that will leave through these doors as a valient, spiritually maturing and faithfully performing servant and emissary of truth, given by us back to the Lord!
And it came to pass that he did grow mighty in stature and in spirit, into a fine young man...

Entering, Daniel is immediately cared for and lovingly guided -- as he, and all are, upon entering into any other House of the Lord!..Like wonderful Hannah of old, having given her young child, Samuel, to be taught in the Temple, Daniel's mother gives up her cherished son and officially titles and pins him as the Lord's Missionary, to be tutored at the knees and with the words of all the Prophets and their loving servants here!
Now sharing him with the Lord and the kind sisters and brethren, he prepares for his mission's journey...
D&C 11:21 Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men
..As Daniel of old did add strength to his brethren so they could stand unharmed in their firery furnace, our Daniel desires to add his strength to his brethren so they also will stand unharmed in their Firery Furnace -- a World without the full knowledge of the Lord!
And it came to pass with much diligence he did add strength to his own understanding -- and to his companions...
They did prepare and take their journey into the land Southward to preach repentance and they converted many. they did prepare to pass over the narrow neck of land and journey into the great wilderness Southward!

He ain't heavy -- he's my companion!..Wow -- excuse me -- but he is heavy!!! -- but we will support each other as we have been commanded! --- So please support us as we support each other in our service of the Lord!
And Daniel did joyously bear up his brethren and they did bear him up in joy through their travails...
Brothers of one heart...Brothers of one mind......What joy this brings!The Brother of Jared could have also used us to help brighten even more his trip across the great waters!
Becoming one in heart, one in mind, one in happiness...the light of knowledge did break forth among them...
Go to Paraguay alone? ...I would...
.....but these awesome brethren are going with me, and we will accomplish so much more together........This land is so large and full of so many precious souls, all of us will have plenty of work to do! -- And We Are Going To Do It!
Alone and with his companions, carrying truth, Paraguay, its Continent and people will be blessed!
One of Dan's letters (now 5 -one a week) from the MTC. (This one was mailed 15 Nov 2004)

Well, I made it safe and sound to Paraguay Dec 30 2004. Now I have a new mom to answere too.  I am now going to have to do my own dishes and laundry. But I am glad my mission dad will let me off easy one day a week so I can go play socker and wrestle with my nation full of new brothers and visit and sing with all my new sisters -- to fellowship them -- of course! -- after we have given them our discussions! 

I got to spend a day in the Mission Home with "Mom" and "Dad" and was well fed before they sent me out to the "fields" of Caaguazu to "gather in more of the harvest."

Dan with his new Mission home mom and dad -- and he won't have to cut the grass!

Dan's first letter written in Paraguay, the day of his arrival at Mission Home in Asuncion, Dec 30 2004.

More pictures and experiences coming...
| Young Daniel honored with famous friends (Pictures) (father's teaching connections) 
|   Daniel, GypsyBoots (Pictures)
To begin a successful day - greet with cheerful love, the very first person you see in your morning mirror! - Dad
Subj: Ward News Letter -- From The Rodgers -- Dans Mission 
Date: 12/27/04 10:57:21 AM Mountain Standard Time 
To: Sister Wicker

Dear Ward Family and Friends:

December 29th is another glorious day in the Rodgers family as Dan flies from the MTC of Provo, Utah to Asuncion, Paraguay and joins the precious people of that humble nation.

Daniel has written us without fail. He now bears his testimony in Spanish and we rejoice as we feel his spirit growing in each succeeding letter. What a change in our son who spoke none of his mothers language! -- So conveniently Betty and I could speak all kinds of secrets in front of him and he would never know! -- oh oh! Now, that parental secret code privilege is all gone!  He has used the spirit and broken our code! 

Oh yeh! When he comes back he will probably know two more languages (they speak three languages in Paraguay)

He has sent us a micro tape of his conversational Spanish and of him with his MTC Companions and Brethren singing! What fun and what harmony! Look out Sister Pratt, President Moody and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir! -- Daniel and these young men, their voices, their rising spirits and music are the greatest! 

We are so grateful that Dan is happy to be serving the Lord and the sweet people of Paraguay, who boarder his mother's own land or birth. He will be blessed by them and they by him!

As you have always freely been Dan's extended loving and (and our) supporting ward "family," and in our great appreciation for you helping to make this day possible, we will continue to share with you Daniel's experiences, joys and successes. So, please enjoy Daniel's mission experience as I post more photos, letters and dialogue for all our own family and friends who are close and distant on our family's humble web pages dedicated to him at "Dan's Mission" on  or directly enter .
If you don't have the web, our phone rings and heart opens just as easy. 

Thank You and Love 
from the Rodgers Family and Elder Daniel D. Rodgers

Mail for Daniel:

Pouch Service (Letters only! No photos, money or merchandise!)
Elder Daniel D. Rodgers
Paraguay Asuncion Mission
POB 30150 
Salt Lake City Utah 84130-0150

Regular Mail:
Elder Daniel D. Rodgers
Paraguay Asuncion Mission
Casilla De Carreo 818
Paraguay, 1209

Mission Home Street address:
Paraguay Asuncion Mission
2881 Del Maestro c/Caballero 
Barrio Herrera

Mission Home, Ph. 011-595-21-601-392

For recorded help in mailing, call LDS Church: 801-240-2150
when asked "Please dial number of person you are calling" (ignore rest of prompt and "#")
simply enter 99981 and listen for three address forms (as above). To repeat press 11

Parents: Tom & Betty Rodgers, 
PO Box 304, Bountiful Ut 84011-0304, 
or Ph 298-9092 or 298-9095 (Caller ID recorded)

TLR 12/27/04

Parents: Tom & Betty Rodgers, PO Box 304, Bountiful Ut 84011-0304, Email, or Ph 801-298-9095 (Caller ID recorded)
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