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July 2002
 Family Announcement

"Grandma Irene started it and we are still having it!"
Lena & William DeWaal Descendants Reunion!
If William DeWaal was your Grandpa & Lena DeWaal was your Grandma, 
We Want You!!!! All sons & daughters, aunts & uncles.. We Want You All to COME  
It's the DeWaal Family Party Again
Monday, September 3rd (Labor Day 2007)
Where: The LDS Stake church park in Layton
2200 West Gentile Street
Layton, Utah
Geraldine reserved the park from 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Please come early to help set up.
Bring a swimming suit or something for your children
to get wet in the kiddy pool.
Volley Ball, Basketball, softball facilities so bring mitts & bats if you have them.
Pot luck Lunch at 1:00 PM
Bring a salad, casserole or dessert to share.
Paper plates, cups, eating utensils, roles, chips, & corn on the cob, salt & pepper will be provided.
Bring your own meat to barbecue.
Bring your own soda pop or drinks.
If you can't make it for lunch then come for dinner at 5:30 PM and we will have whatever is left to munch on or bring your own.
We will have bagged ice and extra coolers there to keep things cold for you for the potluck picnic.
I need to know if you are coming so please call me at
801-966-2617, 801-750-5063
or e-mail me at

Map and directions below
Want more driving instructions? Call Geraldine 801-728-7531

I-15 from the North
take exit 335 westbound (Syracuse/Antelope Island exit)
Go west to Main Street (Old "State Street"/US91/SR126),,
Turn left (south) onto Main Street,
Continue south (about 2 miles) to Gentile Street.
Turn right (west) onto Gentile Street (SR109) and go west to 2120 West.
I-15 from the South

take exit 332 (West bound)
Go west north west to Main Street (Old "State Street"/US91/SR126),
Go North on Main street to the first intersection/stop light-that is Gentile Street
Turn left (west) onto Gentile street (SR109) and go west to 2120 West
- and you are there!
Note: Gentile Street (SR109) is the major street connecting Layton and 

West Layton.
Red Star is Layton 2nd Ward / Layton Stake Recreation Center & Park. 
--- Your destination! 
Map below Courtesy of MapQuest
Click map for different zooms or views 
or for complete driving instruction from your location.

See you there! 
Let's enjoy our family's love, companionship and fun forever! - Sylvia,Geraldine &Tom 
All the children


Yes we are still a handsome ( yeah - sure !!! ) bunch on Jan 3, 2004

Our Very Own Family's - Very Famous
(at least for us)
"Kenny" Rodgers!
(Click photo for a story on Dad!)

1940 Dad and Mom engaged: In the early spring of 1940, at the "Coconut Grove" Kenneth Woodbury Rodgers met and fell in love with Lena Irene DeWaal.  On September 4, 1940 they were married for "Time and All Eternity" in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.   From this union came 9 children, 38 grandchildren, and 42 great grandchildren which they loved with all their hearts. 

1983 LDS Mission Photo: In 1983, Ken & Irene filled a church mission among the Native American, Zuni Nation, in the Holbrook, Arizona Mission. A gracious and kindly Tribe, Nation and People who they also loved with all their hearts.

Two weeks before his decision to rejoin Mom, Dad is here being visited by Clay Chritiansen, Tabernacle Organist with his wife Diane, and Daughter Corolee, Son-in-Law Dan Thaxton with their children Marylee and Sarah. With us and Betty at Dad's side, Dad was pleased to be recognized as his life's technical skills and compassion for family passed to own children was now coming to benefit Clay, Diane, Clay's Daughter, Son in Law and their children.

Clay, in further gratitude for my Father's contribution to his family's benefit, played the Organ at Dad's funeral with hymns Dad had requested be played. In honoring Dad, Clay made a humble ward organ sing as if it were the grand Tabernacle organ he plays continuously for the whole world to hear. Two honorable men honored each other therein!

I have been laboring with My Dad's blessings, prayers and wishes for success with Clay's Family:

I have used all I have had of my own (including all of my little inheritance of $5,000) in this effort to do diligence, discovery, advocacy, legal and political battle now nearly 2 yrs without pay, for a bureaucracy, Medicine, Family Defense and Utah State Law violated innocent LDS Family

So I am dead broke, But with my precise diligence, discovery and knowledge locked in and clear, as you see in, and as is required within my personal covenant (which I take serious) and in good conscience and peace of mind, I cannot betray the innocent or abandon my own defense of truth, virtue, including mother's, children's and parental rights, and ever think to quit!

If you are able to assist, please help me maintain this personally very demanding, time and resource consuming effort - including this website which costs me (and my own family as a consequence) $32 a month alone - to "shout sin from the rooftop", to expose the malfeasance and prove the innocence and exonerate the Thaxton Family (Clay Christiansen's daughter and son-in-law) and free their sweet (but bureaucracy threatened) children! -- and restore every other Families' Rights! 

Please help them (and my resource diminished sacrificing family) with your supportive efforts, using your connections of influence, exposing this case to everyone you know -- and giving what you can in even modest contributions

This atrocity should happen to no Family! -- Thanks, Thomas L Rodgers - 12/11/04 

Please support my Family Rights labor if you can: Contributions
To begin a successful day - greet with cheerful love, the very first person you see in your morning mirror! - Dad
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Family Reunion - Labor Day - Sept 1 2003
Chester & LouJanes Rodgers' son's Homecoming and daughter's Marriage:
Jeffrey's Mission Homecoming Sunday Dec 28 2003
Julie's Wedding Reception Friday Evening Jan 2 2004
Dad's Viewing and Funeral (Fri &) Saturday, Jan (2 &) 3 2004
LouJane's Father's Obituary, Viewing and Funeral 1/19/04
Cousin Larry Rodgers Viewing and Funeral is Feb 1 & 2, 2004
Family Picnic - Mom's Birthday - June 21, 2004
Cousin Alma Eakle - Funeral - Dec 13, 2004
 Tom is Honored by Am. Cancer Soc. as 15 Year "Terminal" Cancer Survivor --
"Relay For Life" -- June 2005, Honored by Mayor & Beauty Queens
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