Mom's VanCouver Trip.
Mom taking Amanda home

On the bus

Destination: happiness with grand kids

Sept 2003

Mom back home with more family Oct 2003

Me and  Mom with  Marsha and Norm at their son's wedding

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Dec 1 2003. Dad is doing OK
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To begin a successful day - greet with cheerful love, the very first person you see in your morning mirror! - Dad
Dear Family:  I have started this web site as means for us all to share family information, events, stories, photos, genealogy, memories and fun!  This site is accessible through any of the easy to remember links shown in the panel below. Anything that you would like our whole family or close friends to see or know, please let me know and I will try to get it in place here.  Send me text, computer data files or photos (preferably in a transportable format, on a disk or in email, and, if possible, html ready - to save me time) and I can upload it for all to enjoy.   Love,Tom  9/1/02 

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