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Jewish Royal Wedding - Bread Fish, (from Deseret News Feb 8-9, 1995)

    This is copy of my notes with the news article I made for my scholar friend. Feb 10 1995

To (my dear Friend and Scholar, Hugh Nibley):
    It looks like our beloved Hebrew family have -- so to speak
"Let the cat out of the bag!"
    or should I say --
"Let the Fish out of  the Basket!"...


Jewish 'royal' wedding entwines 2 dynasties

20,000 from Israeli Brooklyn families attend grand event in Holy Land

Associated Press
  BNEI BRAK. Israel - The tables were laden with loaves of bread it took two men to carry, and thousands of guests flew in from the United States for a wedding uniting Hasidic dynasties from Israel and New York.
   Israelis compared the union of of 17-year-old Hannah Erentser and 18-year-old Beazion Arieh Meislisch - attended by 20,000 people - to a royal wedding. "Wedding of the year," said a headline Wednesday in the

Yedioth Abronoth daily newspaper.
   The wedding united the 20,000- member Vishnitz clan, one of Israel's most influential Hasidic groups, and the 10,000-member Brooklyn-based Bobover dynasty, which originated in Romania and Hungary.
   Erentser, granddaughter of Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Hager, spiritual leader of the Visbnitz dynasty, wore a pearl-beaded head piece and white dress as she took the marriage vows on Tuesday evening in the Vishnitz grand synagogue in Bnei Brak, a religious suburb of Tel Aviv.
   The groom, grandson of Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam, head of the

Bobover dynasty, wore a traditional black coat and fur-trimmed black hat.
   Thousands of Hasidic men stood in the rain in the streets around the synagogue during ceremony, many with plastic bags covering tleir black felt bats as protection against the downpour.
   After the exchange of vows, guests boarded buses for a recep tion at the Tel Aviv fairgrounds, where they filled four wedding halls. Men dined separately from women, in keeping with religious laws barring public interaction be tween the sexes.
  Long braided loaves of bread shaped like fish to mark the current Jewish month of Adar covered the groom's table. Chocolate sculpted into horses and carriages decorated the womens' halls.
   In keeping with traditions of the ultra-Orthodox banning court ships, the bride and groom met only three times before the wedding.
Original in: DESERET NEWS. WED. P.M./THUR. A.M.. FEB. 8-9, 1995
    ...You see! ...Moses did give his beloved Hebrews a "Fish!"
    ...A bloodless, clean, health-building -- cancer, stroke,
pathogen and disease-free, and kindly gotten "Fish" -- for
their righteous eating; made of the staff of Life! -- in Bread!
    So it appears that this simple farm-boy from Utah is
not nuts, as many have supposed! If I am, then so are at least
20,000 more of my prestigious Israelite brothers and sisters!
                                      Thomas Lynn Rodgers, Feb 10, 1995

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