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                       My Personal Writings and Prose
   The writings and prose found here are my own feeling and expressions, born out of my life threatening experience ten years ago, then through my preservation, survival and return to vigor in this decade following.

   Please understand that these are my own perceptions, given as I experienced them, then struggled to record. I alone am responsible for their words and concepts, right or wrong , assuring or discomforting, demanding or giving gentle peace.
   My hope is that as you read, you will ponder, letting your old reasoning be challenged, then be motivated to find for yourself what is real and what is eternal healing truth!
Thomas L Rodgers, 4 Jan 2002
Writings on this site: 

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More is coming  from the ten years of my re-learning and restoring health experience.
More will become visible here as my time and resources allow. Please return!
Thank you!
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