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The Broiled Fish  &  Hebrew Baker's Molds (at bottom)
The Broiled Fish

Reader, Please remember that this a record of my experience, perception, feelings and words.
You are responsible to find the truth for you. Only prayerfully consider what is here to see if it is reasonable to your discerning spirit and supports your purest knowledge of our Lord's compassionate nature, peace and love!

Sept. 22 1993

Dearest Family, Brethren, Sisters and Friends:

   Today, for me, while conversing with my dear teaching fellow and friend, “Mr Teeples”, the final piece of the scriptural puzzle in the written picture of the Lords Profile came into place:

  The Dead Sea Scrolls and newly translated writ now in the hands of our scholars, do add for us finer detail, as those righteous men of old speak more from the dust! Protected from man's fouled hands in those caves, are blessed words, which piece by piece are adding clarity to the examples and counsels long ago given!

   In the “Evangile des douze” writ, documented by Dear Dr Nibley, the incident of the feeding of the 5000 is profoundly recorded. (see Nibley; The Prophetic Book of Mormon, 1996, pages 415 -- 423)

   While at the edge of the Sea of Galilee the Lord “feeds” 5000 with 5 loafs and 2 “fishes”. Here beautiful understanding begins its form, as in one paragraph 5 loaves and 2 “fishes” become 7 loaves; and is repeated three times (as 7) as though with firm intent; to let hear those who would hear; hear this plain, yet precious detail, exposing the compassionate soul of The Son of God, the Creator and Savior of all that lives!

   No act of death or violence was part of His important instructive event as the Lord provided fill for those thousands made hungry for
His kindly feast.

   So what was it that the Lord broke and blessed and fed to the 5000? The Hebrew traditions have held that answer, but both we and they have failed to see?

   That “5” and “2” become “7”, is made plausible with understanding that the Hebrews’ sour dough breads (an art they learned as slave bakers to the Egyptians) came in two traditional forms: the round family loaf; and -- most important for our understanding -- the festive, more finely worked oblong and top scored loaf! -- with ovaled shape and fin-like vents cut in its top; it resembled a familiar form; --
 hence was baked of old -- that special loaf of heavenly bread called -- the “Fish”!

   Then as I mentioned, to this gentle brother, Brother Teeples, that in my heart I now knew the compassionate nature of my Lord; and that in His unfailing love for all life, He would not, nor could not, eat a literal piece of broiled fish!
-- but would only have eaten, in absolute kindness, a piece of bread!:

   In that moment, in an emotional and overwhelming spiritual witness: verification of this added understanding was passed in simple words cued by those righteous spirits standing about us in that moment;
through this sensitive and goodly man, my friend, Brother Teeples,
plain and precious wisdom was passed in his words as he stated:
  “Do you know, Brother Rodgers, that in the French language (of latin root) the expression “broiled” is used to mean toast!”

   In an instant we broke into joyous tears, as we felt all heavenly hosts around us, and Mother Earth baring us both, shout that wondrous shout of their so long awaited joy, as this humble brother fitted the final piece of the Lord sweet picture into place!

   Welling with tears, now understanding those records past: I knew the Lord’s love always was of celestial order!

   Could the Lord play party to the suffering and death to any life,
even that of a precious fish? -- No! He is the Savior to all life, --
   He could not, nor would not!

   Would that resurrected Being later have defiled His pure celestial body with anything gotten by violence and blood and death,
   before His own apostles?
-- No!

   His apostles were now charged to be "fishers of men!"
-- not the innocent creatures of the sea!
-- and so should we!

   So what was the “meat” (in Hebrew: 'meal', i.e. food) that the Lord ask of them, that glorious day two thousand years ago, yet so misunderstood today??!
 -- Twas bit a piece of Hebrew toast’ -- a slice of that specially shaped heavenly sour dough loaf, that, so long ago, those Hebrew disciples, with reverenced affection, knew so well, as:
 -- “The fish”!

 Overwhelmed with the sweet spirit of truth, and overcome in this shower of joyful tears, sensed, and experienced also by Brother Teeples, were we; as this final piece fell into place!

   So! Did Christ bring harm to any living thing?
-- Cherishing all life as its maker, the answer is now confirmed: No!

   As the Savior -- He could not!
-- would not! -- and so, did not!
-- harm any life! -- great or small!

  Not even His precious fish!

  And neither should we!

  Bro. Thomas L Rodgers   (Recorded immediately afterward: Wed Sep.22, 93 10:48pm)

"Jewish Royal Wedding"-- and 'Fish' Loaves!
Sweetly, after this experience above, having been challenged and tested in its understanding and sustained in my own faith of it for more than a year; more joyous supportive evidence was provided (I believe, as if from the Heavens) of its truth. Exposed in humble news copy provided me Feb 8 1995, was the wondrous tradition and life blessing "Fish" of the ancient Israelites. -- What a comfort it was to know that I probably was not as fully delusional, as some had supposed, after all!
Jewish Royal Wedding - Bread 'Fish' (with my  notes to my friend and scholar of ancient writ)
tlr, 1/9/02
Fish Artifacts - w/ Bakers Molds

This document was enthusiastically  shared with me by Dr Hugh Nibley, after I had given him my "Broiled Fish" draft above, as he now realized the significant of the "Bakers Molds" included in collection of ancient Hebrew and early Christianity and Catholic artifacts, as presenting the symbolic "Fish" that he only could  curiously wondered about before.

Included in this Centuries old French Theological Encyclopedia (with Hebrew, Early Christian and Catholic) record of artifacts, is the early Christian and ancient Hebrew bakers molds (down the center) which include two two-piece brass molds and the older bakers stone mold at bottom, wherewith an old Hebrew baker could bake five "Fish" loaves at once for a wedding, Holy Feast, Consecration or special family event, as was required by original Mosaic Law

More photos, text translations, resources and reference to be provided as I have time to scan and upload -- please return tlr 9-12-04

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