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The Slaughterhouse of Man!

        In seeing, and experiencing, and knowing the sad ravages
    of dysfunction, of mental and physical degeneration,
            in us;
          's diseased, and too soon aging, and dying peoples;..
                            I sense, that those same, ugly,
                                    needless, demented indignities,..
                                            that we,.. at our own hands, daily,
                                                    inflict upon the innocent creatures
                                                            and companions of the Earth,..
                                                                    ...our kindred spirits,
                                                                            ...thus, now,
                                    are being returned upon us!

        Our own final reward,.. being,...
    our own confusion, depression, senility, dementia,
            and plethora of neurosis,...
                    as we are left feebled, degenerate, dysfunctional and distorted...
                            without dignity,.. crippled in spirit, and in mind,
                                    and finally, in body...
                                            in our own corruption,..
                                                    dying slowed death,
                               if at the Butchers hand!

        These are the same needless and ugly indignities,...
    expressed and experienced, in the insanity of ever
            endless minutes of butchery, blood-letting, and dementia
                    of hopeless struggle, as grotesque dying
                            and death,
                                    advance in the morbid violence,
                                            ...vile, and hideous,.. hidden from our view,
                            the Slaughterhouse,.. the lowest creation of man!

        So it is that these same pathetic indignities are of and in
    the products of our most putridly foul and demented of acts;
            the Slaughter, without need,.. of God's precious
                    and blameless ones,
                            His innocent animals,..
                                    only to satiate ourselves in the swill
                                            and stench
                                        of our own loathsome lust for blood and flesh!

        Thus, in ironic justice, these same foul indignities,
    inflicted at our own bloodied hands,
                upon these,
                            our dear Earth companions,
                                            in our base corruption,..
                                                            are made, finally and surely,
                                                                                our own vile end!.. the Slaughterhouse we built and use for the Animals,
                    now, is indeed,
                                become our own!
                                            ...the hideous chambers of our own sick creation,
                                                        devoid of compassion, love or life,
                                                                    for us as well, is ours!...
                                                                            ...The Slaughterhouse of Man!

                                                                                               . Thomas Lynn Rodgers, 3 Sept 92

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