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Honey - A Sweet Delusion! Liver Cleanses - No!

Honey - A Sweet Delusion!
Subj: Honey - a sweet delusion
Date: 5/20/02 4:06:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time
From: LDSVeg

I took a moment to open [Discussion] group email today and caught your debate on Honey!

As an old farmer -- dairyman -- rancher, I kept bees as my feed crop production helpers. Just as did the Jaredites -- I used them for their pollination skills. However -- unlike the righteous spirit, inspired and wisdom guided Jaridite brethren, I and my mother's family members took much more from our bees than just their helpful labors! In flawed appetites and business venture we also took even their food and packaged it for our greater profit. We (members of my mother's family extended connections) are famous for honey production in the West. 

As I look back, knowing all I knew for decades as a bee keeper as well, I cannot figure why I was so stupid as to consume what I knew was not designed for me or my family! But stupidity is a unique human trait and long standing tradition and we all suffer from it in mass! 

Honey is the worker bees chemically altered and hormonally doped food, prepared and provided for the queen, her larva (children) and the other members of the hive. It is the "milk" and rations specifically designed to nourish this specialized species of insect population. It also carries important developmental (including genetic) instructions in "director" proteins just as any other species of mothers milk carries specific to and for the developing infants in that individual species. 

Honey also carries viral, bacterial and parasitic contaminants endemic to bees and all their animal contacts. Worker bees always take opportunity to harvest nutrients from fresh manure, fecal droppings (dogs, cats and exposed human, etc) and even dead carcasses (including dead birds, fish, rodents and other vermin -- observable by you if you  take some time to watch) so botulism and other decomposer and opportunistic animal/human bacteria, viruses, spores and parasite are potentially presented in their honey, and must be adjusted for -- by law -- in preparing and packaging commercial honey (most all commercial bees are treated with the animal/human antibiotics to reduce the darkening and flavor damage done by heat in otherwise required truly pasteurized honey). -- Human babies are most susceptible to infantile botulism if honey production bees are not medicated or their honey not fully boiled (real pasteurization) in packing.

Also as a byproduct of the worker bee systemic biochemistry, to moderate pollen protein reactions in all bees -- the queen, larva and other colony members -- honey carries corticoidal steroids (cortisone) as well as other glandular secretions and sheddings from the worker bee, so honey is a very potent potential autoimmune disease trigger, especially for "Addison's Disease" and other adrenal cortex and all glandular diseases.

Also their already predigested "sugar" is a slammer for any diabetic, hyper/hypo/glycimic or liver and pancreatic compromised human!

Their is nothing redeeming fro the human family in honey -- except foolish appetite, economic extortion and profit.

Oh Yeh! -- about John the Baptist and the claim that he ate honey and locust! . . .

Remember John was also a Nazarene -- that is a fully graduated Essene just like his cousin, Jesus, so John the Baptist would not, nor did not rebelliously nor ignorantly eat locust or honey! But he did eat Honey-Locust  -- the Carob Tree nuts -- which was known among my mothers Jewish (Levite) ancestors for the last two thousand years and is well understood and commonly referred to in Israel, still today, as "Saint John's Fruit!"

"We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly!!!" Please remember that important qualification!!! 

After thousands of years, there is not much that the Devil has not messed with, through his contempt, greed and appetite driven Priests, Scribes and Pharisees (my deceived ancestors were included)!

Lucifer hates that Divine privileged you have to obtain and enjoy a body -- which he is denied! -- So he wants you to destroy yours! So he carefully sweetens his already murderous menus and "delicious to the taste" lies with extortion, death and, oh yes, the bee's stolen Honey! Don't buy his Sweet Delusions! As you starve, poison and kill the Bees, he gets you to also kill the Earth! 

In the Devil's Honey-Sweetened Delusion, you and your children, in the end, are the ones who get stung!

TomRodgers, The VeganCowboyScientist and LDSVegetarian

Liver Cleanses - No!
Email submitted to a discussion group but not posted since my statement was considered too strong for the group. (Some typos and stucture fixed since.)

My opinions are strong, so be prepared for a jostling especially if you have an allegiance to homeopathic liver cleanses.
Tom R

Subj: #2 Re: Liver Cleanse
Date: 6/2/02 7:11:34 PM Mountain Daylight Time
From: LDSVeg

I am not sure the server got this through earlier, I had other mail not transmitted.So this is second sending.Let me know if you received it -- whether you choose to post it or not.

Subj: Re: Liver Cleanse? 
Date: 6/2/02 2:36:28 PM Mountain Daylight Time
From: LDSVeg

Moderators    (Re: Liver Cleanse letter below)
I have below modified and softened my original post as much as I can and still feel that no one is left unchallenged in their misconceptions of the homeopathic "liver cleanse" and the oil slugging hazard engendered by it!  -- and also (that the readers) be allowed a sense of the Lord's flawless design -- and also see something of my justified and absolute disgust in the total lack of simple reasoning in too any so called practitioners, haply leading a gullible and silly humanity downward with them.

Strokes, cardiac, respiratory and other embolisms precipitated by the high oil ingestion in liver cleanses do damage many and does kill on occasions. 

So many homeopaths are as foolish, uneducated, dishonest and as dangerous on many occasions as are mainstream allopaths. And they are as willing to compromise for a secured following and money, so also love to have this knowledge, and any exposure of it or them, also censored.

Tom Rodgers

Subj: Re:Liver Cleanse? 
Date: 6/2/02 1:34:28 PM Mountain Daylight Time
From: LDSVeg

Livers Cleanses???

It appears that no one here understands how dangerous it is to slug the body with a half cup or more of fat -- even "good" vegetable fat -- and then think that you are doing your liver (truely worse, your blood stream and the critical organs and tiny capillaries areas - like the cornea, lens and retina of the eyes, inner ears, alveoli of the lungs, kidneys, and all glands of your body) any good! 

This concept of drinking oil (and lemon or vinagar) got its invention long ago without real digestive understanding -- so has left you to think those gummy balls found in your feces afterwards are real gall stones which have been lodged in your gall blander for a long time!

Those clusters of so-called stones are not true chronic gall stones at all! -- but are the congealed fats formed from that oil you just drank! Those rubbery globules are the immediate consequence of the aggravated and elevated flow of surfactant bile acting (here) to coagulate (to prevent hyper-absorbtion and embolism risks) and clear the intestine of that fat surge you dumped into it.

Real gall stone are not those instantly formed globules you just created and found in this process. True calcified (sodium/calcium/nitrate precipitate) stones will not completely dissolve in alcohol overnight like your fat globules or so called "liver cleans" "gall stones" will, as you would discover, if you placed your new found "stones" in it.

If you want a true liver cleans, begin first with a conception cleans! Stop believing the less than wise and profiteers selling potions or books, who don't even know the Lord's miracles in His perfectly constructed digestive system, liver, gall bladder and whole human body -- and its own natural clearing chemistry and mechanisms! Your Lord's perfectly designed liver cleanse happens when you choose His righteous nourishment and beneficial behaviors! Start with correct choices in a righteous "brain cleans," then the body (and its supporting spirit) will do the rest! Then, please! just stay out of its way!

"Do nothing radical to the body. Simply nourish it with mild foods and herbs (Joseph defined herbs as the "wholesome" [nutritionally complete] common garden greens like cabbages and chards  -- not the homeopath's alkaloid dense stimulant "medicinal herbs") and rest... and not at the hand of an enemy (someone treating you for profit instead of love)" -- Joseph Smith (Diary/Journal) (also see DC 59 and DC 88 as well as DC89)

If you follow the Lords law of health instead of man's murderous diets and evils, and his lunatic chemical or therapeutic interruptions and interference, including most of the half-witted homeopathic arm of flesh uninspired (except for book sales and profit) junk-science, your liver and dependent gall blander will continuously cleans themselves and you will not risk a fat induced trauma to your body, its delicate vascular system and its tiny capillary full-flow dependent organs.

Sorry if you disagree with these words. I am not trying to make everyone my admirer! I also am I not trying to sell you something or make you dependent on anything or anyone. 

On a steel table I made a covenant with my Lord to defend truth! In my Lord's house, I repeat it! So I won't sweet talk anyone -- and many of you are the beneficiaries.

I can only promote the Lord's harmless nourishment and care of our bodies, and the trustworthiness of His divinely created and already built-in renewal (cleansing) programs! -- not some carnal man's half-witted and ill-conceived, ill-invented therapies, potions, convincing delusions and eternal product sales!

TomRodgers  The VeganCowboyScientist and LDSVeg

P.S. Check pages I recently finished among others. Let me know if you understand them or find typos. 
 Lupus []
 Diabetes []

An MS, ALS, Parkinsons and some more autoimmune disease (and scripture) pages are coming as soon as my family, other labors and economics allow. None of this is free for me and no one pays for this labor except me (and my dear loved ones who are left short or sacrificing with me for your good)! So it takes more time for me than it does the others in this feild. So juice, eat vegan and as unprocessed/natural as possible in the meantime and be patient for more coming.

Hope to see all who can at Joyce Kinmont's LDS Home School Conference this next week end. Her conferences are always a spritual feast. I will have an information table, handouts and story board's display there. Then you can black my eye and really pull at my ears if you still don't like my harsh and immobile positions or views. 
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